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Latin Cross Red

Latin Cross Red


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The sign of the cross is the most famous symbol of the Christian faith. The Latin cross consists of a long upright bar and a shorter cross bar across the top half of the upright bar, but there are numerous cross shapes and their variants. The cross first of all refers to the suffering of Christ. It also calls to bear his cross. It is also the symbol of reconciliation with God. Available in LARGE for candles 2 1/2" diam and above and SMALL for candles 2" - 2 1/4" diam.

Paschal candles with wax reliefs can be ordered up to three weeks before Easter Sunday. After this date they continue to be available, however, the pool of wax reliefs to choose from will shrink the closer we get to Easter Sunday. Therefore, it is best practice to place your paschal candle order as early as possible to ensure you receive your preferred choice.

Please note that some images contain older dates, however, all paschal candles and transfers are supplied with this years date unless specified otherwise.

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