Collection: Sanctuary Lights

We are a major UK stockist of traditional sanctuary lights offering 9-day, 7-day and 3-day lamps in red, white and blue. All of our lights burn consistently and reliably leaving no unsightly residues as they burn down. We often run special offers alongside our regular low prices and multi-buy discounts so be sure to order your choice of burn-time, colour and quantity when stocks are available to avoid disappointment.

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9-day - these great value long-burning lights work perfectly as traditional chancel lights. Pop them in the sanctuary glass and leave them to burn away efficiently and reliably. Available in red, white and blue. Dimensions: 66mm diam x 178mm height, burn-time 216 hours

7-day - popular with sacristans as they can be changed on the same day each week. Can also be used as a devotional candle to generate church income. Dimensions: 66mm diam x 148mm height, burn-time 168 hours

3-day - can be used as a short-burning chancel light, a devotional candle or can be used as part of a candle display. Dimensions 57mm diam x 95mm height, burn-time 72 hours