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Palm Crosses

Palm Crosses


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The making of palm crosses was started in our own region in Devon and Cornwall as a "cottage industry" but by the 1950's it had all but disappeared. The Reverend Talbot, at this time, was with Bishop Huddleston in Tanzania and living in a village called Namakambale. In 1957 he was visited in the village by two English botanists who were able to identify and confirm that the low bushes that had long leaves growing from them were indeed genuine palms.  This prompted Reverend Talbot to teach the locals to harvest the leaves and make the crosses. He also, through his UK contacts, arranged for an English church in London to purchase them and then through distributors like ourselves. Today, African Palms are now sent to the UK, Canada and the USA annually producing over £40,000.00 per annum. This money has been invested in schools, medical facilities, and clean water projects.

The palm crosses are robust and expertly made, ranging in size from about 9 to 12" in length. Available in bags of 50 crosses.


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