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Advent Set 1" x 12" Straight-Sided

Advent Set 1" x 12" Straight-Sided


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This popular advent set comes with a complimentary extra candle and is available in a variety of colour combinations, either 4 purple, 1 pink & 1 white or 5 red & 1 white, 6 purple, 6 pink, 6 white and 6 red These sets are ideal for most churches and the extra candle is great as a backup. You can buy packs of individual colours of purple, pink, red and white to make up your own sets, especially if you have unused candles from previous years. These colour candles are also great as part of wreath and floral displays to decorate churches during festive services.

They fit into a variety of advent frames, for example MW041, MW048, and MW050 which are sold separately.

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