Easter Order Update

We successfully moved our warehouse operation back to Exeter last month and ever since we've been working flat out to fulfill your Easter orders. We received confirmation today that our last batch of paschal candles and wax reliefs have received customs clearance and will be arriving at our warehouse in the next few days. We are collecting the palm leaves on Friday and we collect the fresh green palm branches next Tuesday morning. We have stocks of palm crosses, paschal candles and paschal candle transfers if you have not yet submitted an order or need to add to your existing supplies.

As you can imagine we are going to be extremely busy processing the remaining Easter orders between now and Friday 26th March. Therefore, if you have any queries or questions about your order it would help enormously if you could email them to info@dmhay.co.uk

We are redirecting post from our Holsworthy address so please continue to use this address for correspondence. Please mark all post for the attention of 'DM Hay' and if you are writing cheques please write your account reference and invoice number on the back of the cheque.

Our cash flow has improved since we invited you to place orders online and pay up front by credit card or bank transfer where possible or failing that paying the invoice upon receipt so thank you so much for your cooperation, it is much appreciated. The improvement in payment management is also saving us a great deal of time which we are putting to good use in processing orders however certain administrative tasks remain slower than normal due to the loss of two experienced members of staff. Given our current resources our priority remains the processing of your Easter orders.

Our new telephone number is 01392 202248 however as we've mentioned above and previously it makes a big difference to our productivity if you could place orders via our website or by email rather than ringing them through.

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