Guidelines for burning Nylon Oil Filled Candles

Wick adjustment
A. When first installing oil filled candles, unscrew the wick assembly and adjust the wick height manually to approximately 1 /8” high, this will produce a normal flame height. Care should be taken NOT to pull the wick down below the metal tube, as retrieval can be difficult.

Filling the candle
B. While the wick assembly is removed, fill the candle with oil to the base of the internal thread - approx 3 /4 full. The oil, when warm, expands and if overfilled will leak through the air holes in the top. To judge the height, many customers have put a small piece of cork in the reservoir and are then able to assess the oil depth as the cork rises.

C. DM Hay's clean burning candle oil has been specially developed to give a safe and clean burn. Other oils, i.e. barbecue fluid will result in black deposits on the candle and may ignite at a lower temperature increasing the fire risk.

Lighting the candle
D. When the reservoir is filled and the wick assembly has been replaced, allow a few minutes for the oil to reach the wick. The wick is fibreglass and the oil is transmitted by capillary action so the oil vapour, not the wick burns. This means that once the flame height is set the wick will not need trimming. Care must be taken NOT to use wax tapers to light the candle as the wax can block the wick. Should this occur, pull up the wick cut a 1 /4” off and re-light. Tall altar candles can be lit by using a nylon lighter. At other times a lighter or match can be used. Nylon candles can be extinguished in the normal way or by using a CLEAN extinguisher.
E. Should the candle become dirty then the oil applied with a cloth will remove dirt and dust. Do not clean with soap and water.
These simple guidelines, if followed, should result in your nylon candles giving good service for a long time.


Health & Safety Information
Combustible paraffins C5-C20 EC 265-233-4


May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways.
If swallowed immediately call a poison centre or Doctor Physician(if medical advice is needed have a label of bottle to hand)
Do Not induce vomiting.
Store locked up. Keep lamps filled with this liquid out of reach of children.
Just a sip of lamp oil or even sucking the wick of lamps may lead to life threatening lung damage.


Avoid contact with skin or eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water.
Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness and cracking.
Do not breath vapour.
Dispose of contents container to a hazardous waste collection point.point.