We Are Moving!

As well as running the business day to day we continue its restructure to reduce costs. In mid-February we will be closing down our two warehouses in Holsworthy and moving to a modern warehousing facility in Exeter. We are redirecting post for six months from Holsworthy so please continue to use this address for postal correspondence, however, we will be losing our telephone lines. The new number will be 01392 202248.

January has been a mixed month with encouragement and challenges in equal measure. We have been emboldened by our customers who continue to show support despite the difficult trading conditions. The extra workload caused by the redundancy of two of our long serving staff has also caused its own challenges.

One such challenge has been managing the increase in debtors which has negatively impacted our cashflow. Wherever possible we invite our customers to pay for orders in advance, especially smaller orders less than £30. For those who wish to maintain credit terms we simply ask for prompt payment in line with our terms, payment within 14 days of the date of the invoice preferably by BACS (DM Hay, 08-92-50, 68159294) along with an emailed remittance advice (invoice number & account reference) or by bankers card over the phone.

Payment by cheque is still available if you cannot pay by BACS or bankers card. Please include the invoice number and account reference on the reverse of cheques to facilitate quicker payment processing. Finally, we ask all our customers to provide at least one email contact address so we can communicate electronically and thus avoid expensive postal costs.

We are experiencing some delays with products ordered from overseas suppliers primarily because of the new customs requirements. These suppliers have already indicated they will be raising prices to cover the additional expense of processing orders from the UK. We will try to maintain our current comptetiive pricing for as long as possible however it does appear that some price rises will be inevitable. We will of course try to keep these to a minimum.

We are thankful our website ordering is working well and we are encouraged by the increasing number of customers placing orders this way. The time we would have employed in taking these orders over the phone is being productively used in other areas of the business. To encourage more online ordering we will be providing selected discounts. For example, you can now earn 10% discount on all your Easter products by entering 'PASCHAL2021' in the discount box at checkout. This offer ends Friday 14th February. In addition, orders can continued to be emailed directly to info@dmhay.co.uk 

We are working hard to support you and your church during these testing times. Your messages of support give us hope we will get through this pandemic. When we are really struggling and we are anxious about the future, and we've had quite a few of these moments as you can imagine, we take solace from Matthew 6:34, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." We thank God for seeing our business through these challenging times and we pray that the Lord will continue to guide us successfully through the coming year. Amen.

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